«Jacana de la Sierra» Sing and learn about the tropical ecosystems of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 

National Geographic Storytelling Grant 2018  

Jacana de la Sierra is and Education and Storytelling project that seeks to reconnect us with nature through the knowledge of the biodiversity of la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia. We were sharing knowledge about the biodiversity of this wonderful mountain with  the local  communities, learning from the spiritual relation  that the indigenous  people from La Sierra have with Nature.  With ecology, music and art as our main tools, we have been working with peasant and indigenous children mainly from the Kogui  people at the northwestern zone of la Sierra, singing with them the Jacana jacana songs, composing new ones and translating them to kogui language.   We were also visiting and talking with spiritual leaders of this ethnic group in different places of the Sierra, the most remote and powerful was the ancient village of Taminaka, in this village we went to the home of the kogui family of the Marinka Village with the company of the photographer Erika Larsen
Inspired in these experiences and gathering all this knowledge we have created a musical album (almost ready)  and an illustrated book.  We are sharing here the book at its color and english version and  some of the songs of the album, which are still in musical production process.

Singing and dancing the song of «La Sierra»

«Jacana de la Sierra» The Book

«Jacana de la Sierra»  The Music

The Ñi Song. Singed, translated, and recorded with Kogui children of the Marinka Village


6 Grabación Maritza5 Grabación SandritaIMG_5983

22. niñas gil garavito

More songs, almost ready to publish:

Abuela Cóndor

La Danta



Soon we will be sharing the whole album!

Jacana de la Sierra » The fieldwork»

Fieldwork in the zone of Taminaka

Photo: Erika Larsen

7 Taminaka 2

Photo: Erika Larsen

11Taminaka 3

Photo: Jacana jacana

30 carmen in taminaka

Photo: Erika Larsen


Fieldwork´s photos at the schools of Seywiaka  and Los Lobitos in Palomino, Montecristo in Minca and the Kogui children from  the Marinka Village.

1 Seywiaka

21 Entrega de Libros Seywiaka

8 Grabando el video de la Sierra

2 Entrega de libros Montecristo

26 entrega de libro escuela los lobitos

31 trabajo de campo en Marinka

29. andres y las niñas


28 niños gil garavito en la semilla

18 Grabación video de la Sierra

10 grabación video de la sierra
12 Motecristo trabajo de campo


13 Trabao de campo Seywiaka 4

14 Trabajod e campo seywiaka 3 16 Kevin Seywiaka

19 Entrega de libros sewiaka

17 Entrega de Libros Marinka

15 Marinka

13 Trabao de campo Seywiaka 4 10 grabación video de la sierra